The city of the Arts and Sciences is an avantgarde construction, a magnificient new architecture with design by Santiago Calatrava, Is in a space for leisure activities where culture and cientific activities take the leading role, somewhere to learn and have fun at the same time., that bases its activities on three major themes: Art, Science and Nature, three pillars of human knowledge at the service to all.

Umbracle, was conceived as a panoramic promenade with a central tree-lined garden from which the whole complex can be looked over.

Hemisferic, the only facility in Spain to project three audiovisual shows on a huge concave 900 m2 screen: Planetarium, Imax Dome cinema and Laserium.

Prince Philip Museum, a Science and Technology museum in which avantgarde architecture and interactive contents proper to the 21st century make Valencia an outstanding international landmark.

Palace of the Arts, this emblematic building is one of the most important artistic and cultural centres in the world: architecture, ingineering and avant-garde technology cultural centres in the world: architecture, ingineering and avant-garde technology  trends.


Oceanogràfic is a genuine 80.000m2 underwater city for visitors to be immersed and travel around the different ocean habitats found on our planets. It will include a recreation area housing a floating underwater restaurant, Europe’s largest aquarium for attractions with two white bales and a dolphins show and the seelion island.