The Ceramics Museum of Manises

A short tour of the city and a visit to a pottery factory

The ceramics of Manises is one of the most appreciated and you can easily find our pieces in museums all over the world, in castles and royal palaces all over Europe, as well as valuable ceramic collections. It represents an obligatory reference in any study or research on ceramics.

Visit to a factory or workshop to see the production of ceramics.

The Municipal Pottery Museum was founded in 1967 and located in an old 18th century manor house belonging to the Casanova Dalfó Sanchis Causa family, which was ceded to the city for the creation of a municipal museum. The museum shows a complete collection of ceramics made up of over 5000 pieces produced in Manises from the 14th century to the first half of the 20th century.

We will also take a short walk along Blasco Ibáñez Avenue, a modern avenue where we can see: the monuments to the Manises ceramists D. José Gimeno Martínez, an exemplary craftsman from Spain, the monuments to the Cross of the Fallen and the ceramic monoliths.

In this avenue you can buy objects in various ceramic shops.

Don José Gimeno, exemplary ceramist

For more information, please call Angela Marí.

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