Street art in Valencia

Street art / graffiti tour in Valencia

During this street art tour in Valencia You will see the old quarter of el Carmen and also some interesting street art pieces – graffiti.

We can start by the Serranos Gate that is one of the twelve that formed part of the ancient city wall (Christian Wall).

El Centre del Carme

The emblematic neighborhood owes its name to the church and Convent of el Carmen and as well to the adjacent square.

The complex monument of this old convent illustrates, from its chronological complexity and diversity of artistic styles, important stages in the history of architecture in the city of Valencia.

In front of the Carmen Centre we will see “the tiny Haus of the Cats“.
A little further on we will find the centenary Plaza del Árbol, we can also visit the famous Mossen Sorell Market, with a wide range of gourmet products.

The Portal de la Valldigna

This is a portal of the 1400s that separated the Christian city of Morería from Valencia.

Nearby we can also see the remains of the Arab wall, that have been a National Historic Monument since 1963 with a large 11th century tower. It is completely integrated into the building, and it is made of stone.

Walking through the neighbourhood of el Carmen is like going through the corridors of an open-air museum, where artists such as Blu, Escif, la Nena, Julieta, Deih, Xelón, Blu, Luís Lonjedo or Limón have left a trace of their talent.
Street art in Valencia has been transformed over time, going from being considered “vandalism” to being one of the most appreciated forms of modern art. It is a popular art and in many cases ephemeral.
We will see the street popularly called “the Street of the colours” the photograph of a Kiss. The well-known calle Moret, where several graffiti are represented on a 60-meter-long wall, “the mystery of a Kiss”, with the hashtag kissmeVLC and many more.…

See you soon in el Carmen!