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The Muslim Valencia

Guided tour to the Muslim Valencia A little history: The Islamic period of Valencia begins with the progressive arrival of new settlers of Arab, Syrian, Berber and Egyptian origin at the beginning of the 8th century to the city and its surroundings. So that the the Islamic period began in 711 with the conquest of…

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Things to see in Valencia

Valencia a city full of life, considered by many tourists as one of the best cities to live, for its quality of life, for its temperate climate, its famous beaches such as Malvarrosa, there are may things to see in Valencia. Its nature with the Albufera Natural Park, one of the most representative and valuable…

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The Admiral’s Baths Valencia

Guided tours in the Admiral’s Baths Valencia The bath house known as the Admiral’s Baths is a Mudejar building located next to the Palacio del Almirante de Aragón, in the historical centre of Valencia. The baths were founded in 1313, when the knight and Jurist Pere de Vila-rasa, a member of the Royal council, was…

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Street art in Valencia

Street art / graffiti tour in Valencia During this street art tour in Valencia You will see the old quarter of el Carmen and also some interesting street art pieces – graffiti. We can start by the Serranos Gate that is one of the twelve that formed part of the ancient city wall (Christian Wall).…

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Saint Nicholas Church

SAINT NICHOLAS CHURCH  Visit to Saint Nicholas Church Valencia, one of the most emblematic churches in Valencia has recovered its splendor after being restored.  Its cost has risen to € 4.7 millions undertaken by the private foundation of Hortensia Herrero. Prices:…. € 2,80  with  a private guide (Guided tours Valencia) Contact

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