Things to see in Valencia

Valencia, a city full of life, considered by many tourists as one of the best cities to live, for its quality of life, for its temperate climate, its famous beaches such as Malvarrosa, there are many things to see in Valencia.

Its nature with the Albufera Natural Park, one of the most representative and valuable wetlands in the Valencian Community.

Its green spaces such as the old bed of the Turia river, today converted into a park, “el Jardín del Turia” (the biggest urban park in Spain) as well as many other attractions that the city offers.

Tourist attractions you should visit in Valencia:

Historical monuments:

The Cathedral.- Do you know the Holy Grail of Valencia? The most wanted relic in the world, the chalice that Jesus Christ used in his last supper, that is what various writings narrate … contemplate the Renaissance frescoes, see its cathedral museum and much more … and if you like the emotion and good views, you can go up to the Miguelete, which is the gothic bell tower of the cathedral, with 207 steps.

The Silk Exchange – la Lonja.- One of the most famous civil gothic monuments in Europe. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996 ….

The church of San Nicolás.- Probably the best example of a gothic structure temple from the15th century with baroque decoration of the 17th century, see its frescoes that narrate the lives of the two patrons of this church. Did you know why it has been popularly called since its restoration “the Valencian Sistine Chapel”?

If you like palaces, and at the same time, ceramics, you can visit the Palace of the Marquis of “Dos Aguas” – the National Ceramic Museum and Sumptuary Arts Don Manuel González Martí. It is outstanding for its rococo alabaster facade.

The futuristic Valencia:

The City of Arts and Sciences and Oceanographic, designed by the prestigious architects, Santiago Calatrava of Valencia . The Oceanographic park of Félix Candela with the unique ceilings of the Submarine Restaurant (underwater restaurant).

The CAC combines science, nature and art, a unique complex dedicated to scientific disemination and culture.

If you want to do something different:

You can take a walk around the Carmen neighborhood, in the Ciutat Vella district. This emblematic neighborhood, the most popular and bohemian, and that had various settlements in the past. It owes its name to the former church and convent, (now a multidisciplinary cultural center with temporary exhibitions), as well as the adjacent square.

You can stroll through its narrow streets, see some facades of palaces on Caballeros street, see the Valldigna portal, access to the “moreria” neighborhood after the conquest of Valencia, by King Jaime I.

And may be if you like street art – graffiti – you are in the ideal place, because the Carmen neighborhood has become a free open-air museum. Very famous is the “street of colors “with the #kissmeVLC hashtag. You can also take an “agua de Valencia” in this typical area for nightlife, “la movida”.

Other possibilities to visit in this city:

The Silk Road, and at the same time get to know other neighborhoods, such as Velluters.

If you are interested to know the origins of our city, you can do the Roman Valentia tour:

Discover what our city was like in 138 BC. when it was founded by Décimo Junio Bruto. See where the walls ran, and where the ground zero of the Valentia Edetanorum is.

If you like nature:

Don’t forget the Albufera Natural Park, it is one of the most representative wetlands and of great ecological value in the Valencian Community and a paradise for migratory birds.

Its different marked itineraries through La Devesa, (the best conserved area of the dune system), and you can take a boat ride in the lagoon that is a must, and finally a good paella …

If you want to exercise:

we have an ideal leisure area, the Jardin del Turia, the largest urban garden in Spain to make bike or segway tours, reaching the tourist port of the last America’s Cup and making a coffee break, to taste a Valencian “horchata”, a refreshing and bio-typical drink from Valencia recommended by doctors.